Who is Christian Grey?

I have been a pickup artist since 2007. I specialize in online game and day game. I’ve also been known to hit the bars and pick up drunk girls when the mood strikes me, but I prefer to do my devilry during the day and online because it’s always available. I live in a medium-sized American city in a sweet bachelor pad next to where all the hot girls live. I’m an introverted, analytical engineer type, and I like to get into the nuts and bolts of why men and women interact the way we do, and what can be done to improve our interactions with women.

What’s Your Real Name?

Not telling! I choose to stay anonymous because I want to be able to tell you everything exactly how it is. I don’t want to have to censor myself. Pickup artists in the past who have said something politically incorrect have found themselves the victims of threats, harassment, physical attacks, and even been banned from traveling to certain countries. I want to be able to share exactly what works for picking up girls, and why it works, without angry mobs of fat feminists burning down my house.

Do You Do Coaching?

Possibly. Send me a message, and we’ll see if we can arrange something.