The Instagram Photo Map Is No More

In Instagram Seduction, I recommend using the Instagram Photo Map to determine where girls are located. Unfortunately, the powers that be at Instagram have decided to remove the Instagram Photo Map feature from the Instagram app. This is an unfortunate development for us Instagram pickup artists, because the Instagram Photo Map was a nice quick way to determine what city a girl lives in. In most cases, you could take a quick look at the map and could reasonably conclude that the girl lived in whatever city the bulk of the photos were tagged in, as in the below screenshot.

Instagram Photo Map Los Angeles California

Not to fear, however. You can still determine where most users live. Of course, a lot of girls say where they live in their profile descriptions. This makes your life easy. If not, you have to put in a bit more effort. Try looking through photos for a tagged location. If a location is tagged, it will show the location above the photo when you open it. If you can’t find a tagged location, the hashtags might give it away. #LosAngeles, #UCLA, #VeniceBeach, #818, etc. would all suggest that the photo was taken in Los Angeles. Look for city names, neighborhood names, college names, and area codes.

Also note that photos in which the location features prominently in the background (or foreground, for that matter) are most likely to have a location tag or hashtag. For example, a photo of a girl at the beach or in front of a historic building is more likely to have a location tag than is a bathroom selfie. Keep this in mind to maximize your efficiency.

As a final note, location information is still included in the Instagram API, which is the back end data that is open to developers to build apps around. This means that someone could fairly easily build an external app that does the same thing as the photo map. If one of you more technical readers would like to take on the project, that would be awesome. Otherwise I might just do it myself.

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  1. What a pain in the ass. Fucking feminists. Love your Instagram method btw, I’m starting to get some pretty…enthusiastic…girls following me 🙂

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