How to Meet Beautiful Girls Online without being Constantly Disappointed by Dating Sites

Learn to get girls without going through countless embarassing public rejections or wasting away hours of time on useless dating apps.

Hi, I'm Christian Grey. I'm a dating coach, author, and guy who used to be hopeless with women.

I'm going to be totally honest with you: getting girls is HARD. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. It doesn't matter if we're talking old fashioned courtship or modern online dating: it's hard either way. Every man wants beautiful women and the competition is fierce. And it's always been that way. Genetic evidence shows that most men have been unable to attract women throughout all of human history. Unless you were lucky enough to be born into the top 10 to 20 percent of men, you are not wired to be attractive to women.

If you are in the habit of beating yourself up because of your lack of success with women, STOP! It’s not your fault.

Yes, that sucks. You probably already knew it was true on some level, but didn’t want to believe it. But here’s the good news. Your attractiveness to women comes not from some unchangeable physical feature of your body, but from the way you present yourself. If you are not among the top 10 to 20 percent of men, it is drilled into your subconscious to present yourself in a way that is not attractive to women.

But by understanding what is attractive, mimicking that behavior, and using modern technology to give you time to carefully plan how you present yourself, you CAN be successful with women!

We live in a culture that wants the majority of men, who are unsuccessful with women, to “know their place” and not share in the spoils enjoyed by the men at the top. Because, after all, the culture is dictated by those at the top. They tell us that even the meekest attempt at hitting on a woman is “sexual harassment” and “rape culture”. They tell us that we should just “be yourself, and the right girl will come along”. They tell us that being romantic and nice and buying things for girls will win their affections.

If you’ve come to suspect that all of the things they tell you are COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT, you’re absolutely right!

But you want to meet and attract beautiful women. Of course you do. It’s in your DNA; It’s part of what makes you a man. I want to show you how you can make that happen.

Behold the power of INSTAGRAM!

There are 500 MILLION USERS on Instagram. Most of them are women. Every day there are literally MILLIONS OF BEAUTIFUL GIRLS frittering away their time sharing selfies on Instagram.

My goal is to help two types of people. For guys who have never so much as heard the term "pickup artist" before, I'm going to show you how the dating game REALLY works. And for those guys who have read some PUA literature, watched some videos, bought some products, etc., I'm going to show you how to apply those ideas and concepts to have amazing success picking up girls on Instagram.

I firmly believe that the only way to be successful with women without having to completely overhaul all of your inner beliefs about yourself is to make effective use of online dating. And the only way to be truly successful in online dating is to follow my Instagram method.


But before I get into my actual method, let me tell you a little bit about myself. Maybe you can relate to my experience.

But it didn't used to be that way. I used to be a shy, nerdy kid with zero confidence. As a teenager I always did well in school and I wasn’t bad looking, but I had crippling social anxiety. The idea of telling a pretty girl that I liked her SCARED ME TO DEATH! Just thinking about it literally made my heart race so fast I would have to consciously start slowing down my breathing and think about something else.

But I desperately wanted a girlfriend. I had so many fun and romantic ideas of things I wanted to do if I could only get a girl to like me. I even wrote love songs for a girlfriend who didn’t exist. I watched with envy the other boys who all the girls liked and who had girlfriends all the time. I eventually convinced myself that the only way I could ever possibly be loved by girls would be to get rich and famous.

So I spent fourteen hours a day learning to play guitar, and started playing in a (not very good) rock band. Being a musician didn’t really get me much in the way of attention from girls, but at least it gave me a feeling of hope because I was working towards something.

As much as I wanted a girlfriend, what I wanted even more was just to feel important and attractive.

I was sick of having social anxiety and low self-esteem

...and I thought that being a rock star would make me feel like I was worth something and I was good enough to have relationships with other people.

I was in college when I first joined a dating website. I was really excited. It seemed like I had FINALLY found a way to meet girls in spite of my anxiety. I spent countless hours sending the most thoughtful, clever messages I could think of to hundreds of girls on POF, OkCupid, and eHarmony. But almost none of them would ever respond to me, and the few that did respond would lose interest after just a few messages. I began to realize that women didn’t like me on the internet either.

It felt terrible.

Then one day, flipping through channels at a friend’s house, I stumbled upon a tv show called The Pickup Artist on VH1. I was absolutely mesmerized! Here was a guy who was teaching nerdy, socially awkward guys just like me to pick up girls. And it was working! I was floored. I then started searching the internet for every pickup artist article and forum I could get my hands on. I learned all about negs and peacocking and DHVs and all the other pickup artist lingo.

This new learning (along with a generous amount of alcohol) gave me enough confidence to actually start approaching girls in bars. I remember the first time I asked a couple of average looking girls (the hot ones were too intimidating) their opinion on something, and they actually started talking to me! I was still extremely nervous, and the girls got bored and walked away after not very long, but it was better than I had ever done in my life before that point.

I kept reading like crazy and got a little more confident, and a little bit better at the bar game. The first time I got a phone number I was ecstatic (even though she never answered my calls).

Eventually I realized that I could use the same principles I was learning from the PUA material for online dating.

I quit being such a nice guy, built a profile that wasn’t so bland, and started using some cocky/funny humor in my messages. And I started actually getting dates!

I was so excited by this that I started pouring all my energy into learning online game. I still wasn’t getting very many responses, but I kept reading new material and testing new photos and bios and openers and making note of what worked and what didn’t. When Tinder came out, with its much simpler format, I started testing strategies for that too. Gradually I got more and better responses, had real dates, and managed to get some (short-lived) relationships from it.

But eventually my successes with online dating started to drop off. I think the reason for this is that EVERY GUY IN THE WORLD was getting on online dating, and a lot of them were reading the same strategies that I was. The competition was getting fierce. Then one day I was at a bar with a buddy, and we were flirting with the cute bartender. Somehow the topic of online dating came up and she said...

“I think anyone who can’t meet people in real life and needs to use the internet for dating is totally pathetic.”

I was kind of shocked, but I came to realize that a lot of the most desirable women turn up their noses at online dating.

So I started trying to come up with a way to get around this problem. I was wasting a lot of time on dating sites and not getting results anymore. I knew I had to figure out something new. I tried to think of a way to still get girls on the internet but avoid the DLV (demonstration of lower value) associated with online dating. I decided that it made sense to use sites that girls were on, but which WEREN'T ACTUALLY DATING SITES.

First I tried Facebook, but I didn’t have much success. Facebook is too friend-oriented, and you just look like a creepy weirdo if you friend request or message girls you don’t know. But then one day it hit me: Instagram! It was the perfect platform. I could upload photos of me, see photos of girls, we could message each other, and—most importantly—

It was totally normal to interact with people you haven’t actually met!

I already had an Instagram set up and had a few friends and a few pictures, but I didn’t use it very much. So I started applying the five attraction triggers to my photos, and adding creative captions. I started experimenting with hashtags. And I read every Instagram marketing book and article I could get my hands on. I couldn’t find anything except one short article about using Instagram for dating, but I was already pretty well educated on PUA principles, and I started experimenting with applying them to the business marketing tactics I was learning.

I figured out how to use hashtags, location tags, shout outs, and similar accounts to reach the sort of girls who were most likely to be attracted to my musician archetype. And the likes, follows, and heart-emoji comments started pouring in from girls all over the world! I quickly hit a thousand followers.

I felt like a celebrity.

I had girls, including some very hot ones, messaging me. It was incredible! I never dreamed I’d get such an amazing response.

Once my profile was flooded with hot (mostly foreign) girls fawning over me, I started to target girls in my local area. And they loved me! I got responses easily; much more easily than I ever had doing online dating. I was getting dates, and even had one girl meet me for the first time at my house and five minutes later was naked on my bed. I had never had anything like that happen in my life! It was almost like I had finally achieved my teenage dream of becoming a rock star.

But the best part was the CONFIDENCE it gave me. Girls finally liked me. And it wasn’t because I was rich, it was because they actually found me attractive. And more and more I began to like myself and realize that I was worth something all along, and I was worthy of having relationships with other people. I finally stopped being that scared, shy kid that I used to be.

Learning game and having success with women on Instagram has totally changed my life!

Maybe your story is different than mine, but I bet you still want a lot of the same things. You probably grew up learning the same Disney romance version of how dating works: you give a beautiful girl attention, be romantic, be willing to work for her affection, and she will fall in love with you. Or perhaps you were more cynical, and you came to believe that girls are only attracted to guys with with movie star looks and Ferraris. You probably had a tough time, because no one ever told you the truth that both of these beliefs are DEAD WRONG.

Learning to present yourself as a confident, high value man through your online presence is far more effective than the Disney romance method AND it's attainable.

These are the Four Secrets that I will teach you in this revolutionary program:

Secret 1 - High Value Profile: How to set up an Instagram profile that effectively portrays you as a high value, confident, attractive man EVEN IF you're not particularly good looking or rich

Secret 2 - Effective Targeting: How to Avoid the "Instagram Model" attention whores and find the beautiful but genuine girls who will be most attracted to your lifestyle and personality

Secret 3 - High Value Communication: How to make contact with girls in a high value and socially calibrated way that feels natural for both you and the girl

Secret 4 - Creating Compelling Content: How to get pictures and videos that make your life look cool and interesting--even if you spend most of your day at a boring desk job!

Secret 1: How to set up a profile that portrays you as a high value, confident, attractive man-even if you're not particularly good looking or rich

I'm going to let you in another little secret: girls don't really care very much about looks or money.

Surprised? I know, it sounds counterintuitive. That's because us guys are simple. We are attracted to women that are young and hot. So we tend to assume that women work the same way. But think about it for a minute.

In a world where tons of good looking guys are total dweebs, and most of the rich guys are just boring nerds who happened to make money building smartphone apps, women are looking for SOMETHING ELSE.

What is that something else? In a word: STATUS.

Ever seen a woman fawning over some celebrity and think "Damn, that guy is UGLY!" Or a hot girl falls head over heels in love with some broke asshole who makes her pay his bills?

I've seen it a million times. Guys with no looks or no money that get SMOKING HOT GIRLS, while good looking rich guys look on with envy. These guys have managed to convey HIGH STATUS.

Conveying high status comes naturally to some guys, but for the rest of us who weren't born lucky, we have to learn. And the good news is that this is a skill that CAN BE LEARNED with a bit of dedication.

While conveying high status is practically impossible on dating sites and apps, due to the automatic "loser" assumption, it is entirely possible on INSTAGRAM. I show you EXACTLY HOW TO DO IT.

Demonstrating high status involves showing the following:

  • Social Proof. Other people love you. Women desire you and men respect you.
  • Passionate Lifestyle. You pursue what you love, and you don't care if other people approve.
  • Willingness to Emote. You wear your heart on your sleeve and express yourself freely. You are not afraid to ask for what you want and set clear boundaries for what you're willing to tolerate from others.
  • Protector of Loved Ones. You're strong and capable, and willing to defend your women.

In my program, I show you how to set up EVERY PART of your Instagram profile to show these sexy, masculine qualities.

From your pictures to your picture captions to your profile description to GETTING TONS OF WOMEN to leave gushing comments on your content (which is MASSIVE SOCIAL PROOF).

I'll show you:

  •  How to QUICKLY become an Instagram power user for maximum ROI.
  •  ​What exactly makes a HIGH VALUE MAN in the eyes of women so you can create a HIGH VALUE online presence.
  • How to mold your online image to a SEXY ARCHETYPE that women love, so that you can take advantage of all the positive associations already embedded in her subconscious mind.
  • How to pick pictures and videos that make women find you IRRESISTIBLE.
  • How to quickly get 1000 real, engaged fans for MASSIVE SOCIAL PROOF.

Secret 2: How to avoid the 'Instagram Model' attention whores and find the beautiful but genuine girls who will be most attracted to your lifestyle and personality

You're probably thinking Instagram is filled with a bunch of superficial, air-headed girls who are just looking for attention. Well, that's true actually. But I was amazed to find that there are also a huge number of sweet, normal, down to earth girls who are every bit as hot as the 'Instagram model' types, but just use Instagram to keep up with friends and family.

Girls like this are OVERJOYED to hear from a cool, high value guy who is genuinely interested in them! You just need to be able to find them.

This may seem like a difficult task, since Instagram only likes to promote pages that already have a huge following. But with a few clever strategies, I'll show you how to find thousands of beautiful and down-to-Earth girls who are just your type with minimal effort!

Secret 3: How to make contact with girls in a high value and socially calibrated way that feels natural for both you and the girl

Guys who try to hit on girls are creepy weirdos, right? Guys who try to 'slide into a girl's DMs' has become something of a running joke.

The truth of the matter is most guys have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how to talk to women in a way that doesn't scream desperation. This is a good thing for you, actually, because the bar is set so low it's easy for you to stand out.

As with in-person pickup, you can't just go from 0 to 100 immediately. You have to escalate slowly. Just like you can't go up to a girl you've never spoken to and kiss her, you can't just message a girl out of the blue as a complete stranger without coming off as desperate and creepy.

Instead I'll show you how to make first contact, escalate SLOWLY, and speak to girls in a way that EXUDES HIGH STATUS. If you follow my method, oftentimes after first initiating you'll find that oftentimes girls escalate on you!

Secret 4: How to get pictures and videos that make your life look cool and interesting-even if you spend most of your day at a boring desk job!

You can portray yourself as LIVING A DREAM LIFE with hot babes drooling all over you on Instagram, even if in reality you work a boring corporate desk job, only get two weeks of vacation a year, and don't have much success with women.

The key is to FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT!

It's actually really easy to do. This is another way that Instagram gives you opportunities that you would never have in traditional pickup.

You can carefully curate your own content on Instagram. Don't show your normal, boring routine. Do show what you do that's cool and interesting. And with the strategies I show you, you can make those parts of your life so amazingly compelling that you come off as larger than life to everyone watching!

So let me ask you a question:

If you followed what I showed you in Secret 1 and created a high value profile that portrayed you as interesting, confident, and attractive, then you did what I showed you in Secret 2 and found the girls that are perfect for you, and then used Secret 3 and chatted with those girls in a cool, socially calibrated way, all the while following Secret 4 and continually sharing content that shows you as living an amazing lifestyle... you think you could be successful??

Introducing Instagram Seduction

The First and Only COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM for Picking Up Girls on Instagram!

I've developed this program over countless hours of researching, tweaking, and adjusting every possible detail on my Instagram profile. Now every bit of my collected knowledge over the past two years is available to you!

See what some past readers have to say:

"Turned me into a mini-celebrity..."

"My life is boring. I thought there was no way I could make an Instagram profile that girls would like.

But following Christian's program showed me how to build an Instagram alter ego that turned me into a mini-celebrity. And women love it!"

  - JARED H   Sacramento, CA

"More success with this program...than from the PUA Bootcamp"

"I've had more success with women as a result of this easy programme than from the PUA bootcamp I paid £2000 for earlier this year. Highly recommended."

  - Dinesh K   Birmingham, UK

I want to go back and make sure you realize who this is for:

  •  Guys who have hardly any experience with women.
  •  ​Guys who have a lot of experience and have read a lot of PUA material but have never been fully satisfied with their results.
  • Guys who work hard and don't want to waste countless hours chasing girls.
  • Guys who are working professionals and don't have the chance to meet women very often.
  • Guys who are in school and want to show their best face to their cute classmates.
  • Guys who haven't had much luck with women in the past but are willing to do what it takes to get their love lives handled.

"Practically begged me to meet her..."

"Thank you Christian Grey!! A girl I have had a crush on since high school found my Instagram from Facebook and practically begged me to meet her for a drink!

My confidence has gone through the roof!"

Shawn R Kansas City, MO

"Mind blowing three different countries!"

"I always wondered what it would be like to be a rockstar. Now I think I know.

I took a trip through Eastern Europe last month, and had stunningly gorgeous girls let me stay with them, cook for me, and had mind blowing three different countries!

If someone would have told me this would have happened a year ago, I would have laughed in his face. Incredible!"

Li C Singapore

A lot of people think the only way to successfully pick up women is through commonly accepted means: online dating, speed dating, bars, introductions from friends, etc. Those people are not just WRONG, they're going in exactly the OPPOSITE DIRECTION they should be!

The more commonly accepted a method is, that means the more people are using it! All of these methods are swamped with competition. If you want to be successful, do what hardly anyone else is doing--and practically no one else is doing well.

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