The Interaction Between Social Status and Game

Reader Daniel poses a question about my Instagram Seduction program that I found very interesting because it brings up a complex issue: what is the relationship between social status and success with women?

Will your product also help me on my social status? Or is it only geared on getting girls?

The TL;DR answer is that getting girls and having high social status are so closely interlinked that they can’t really be treated separately. In other words, raising your social status will increase your success with women, and picking up high value women will raise your social status.

To illustrate this, consider a thought experiment. Say we have three average guys. Let’s call them Larry, Moe, and Curly. The three of them are good friends. They play video games and drink beer and watch football together every weekend. None of them are particularly rich, good looking, have impressive jobs, or are very good with the ladies. In the pickup lingo, they are AFCs (average frustrated chumps). However one of the three, let’s say Moe, is a little more interesting, charismatic, and outgoing than his two friends. Maybe he has an interesting hobby that the other two don’t. And he tends to be the de facto leader of the group when they are together. We would probably conclude that Moe has the highest social status of the group.

Now imagine Larry, Moe, and Curly are all out at the bar shooting pool on a Friday night. All three of them are too nervous or too disillusioned to go approach any girls, so they keep to themselves. Then a moderately attractive girl wearing an Ohio State t-shirt comes up and asks the guys to take a picture of her. All three guys are big Ohio State fans, so they start talking about football with her. One of the guys ends up getting the girl’s number. Which guy was it?

You probably guessed Moe. Because Moe has the highest social status. Higher social status generally means more success with with women.

Now consider another situation. Let’s say Moe never managed to make it work with the girl from the bar, because the close was weak and she never returned his texts. Curly, however, has managed to get himself a pretty hot girlfriend. Maybe he just got really really lucky, or maybe he built up a high value Instagram presence and got the attention of a hometown hottie. Either way, next time the group goes to the bar, Moe and Larry are single while Curly has a hot girl on his arm along with the smile and confident swagger that goes with it. Which of the guys has the highest social status now?

Probably Curly. Hot girls confer high social status to the men who obtain them. It’s a virtuous cycle. Raise your social status and you’ll get hotter girls, which in turn will raise your social status even more, which will get you more/hotter girls. And the cycle continues. OR start getting hot girls, then your social status will increase, then you will get more hot girls, etc.

The same is true in reverse. Low social status is a swamp that’s difficult to get out of. If you can’t get girls, your social status will be low. And if your social status is low, you’ll have a hard time getting girls.

The real power of game is in essentially fabricating high social status in order to get out of the swamp. This is true in any environment: night, day, or online. I found Instagram to be the ideal platform for this, because Instagram allows you to present an idealized image of yourself without the baggage (i.e. “if you’re on internet dating, you must be a loser that can’t meet girls in real life”) that necessarily comes with regular online dating. With Instagram, you can show everything cool and exciting about yourself (even stretch the truth, if you so choose) through your profile without ever mentioning that you actually spend most of your existence sitting at a desk or at home playing Xbox. You can also build massive social proof without much effort, if you know how to go about it.

My Instagram Seduction method, then, represents the Curly strategy as opposed to the Moe strategy. That said, I HIGHLY recommend working on both sides at once: work on getting girls and also work on all the other facets of building social status at the same time. So choose a particular method of applying game (such as the Instagram method) and also build your social circle, get a cool hobby, get a better paying job, get in shape, etc.  at the same time as you’re working on your game. If you’re stuck in the swamp, this will be difficult and require considerable effort at first, so take advantage of every shortcut you can. Once you start gaining some momentum your social status and your success with girls will multiply with minimal effort.

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