Location Matters

It’s a fact I had long suspected but have now confirmed. The particular sexual market economics of your location will have a huge effect on your success with women. I can say this with a great deal of confidence after having recently experienced it firsthand for two weeks in Colombia (take a look at this post for some of the glorious details).

The women in Colombia were beautiful, sweet, feminine, down to earth, and very receptive to my approaches. I was there for two weeks and had a date almost every night. Tinder was a breeze; I was getting matches like crazy, and most of them were responding enthusiastically. My first few daygame approaches just outside my Airbnb (there were hot girls walking around everywhere) hooked and closed easily. And I already had several local girls lined up in advance from my Instagram.

Even despite the fact that most of the girls didn’t speak English (and my Spanish is mediocre), this trip to Colombia was the easiest picking up girls has ever been for me at any time in my life. This begs the question: why was it so much easier in Colombia than here at home in the US?

The answer is quite obvious after spending a few minutes in Colombia: the quality of women is much higher. There were hot young women walking around everywhere. Hell, even the older women were bangable. And this is how it’s supposed to be. Fertile young women are built by a great many years of natural selection to attract the attention of high value men.

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Colombian woman

What is absolutely not natural is for two-thirds of the female population to effectively remove themselves from consideration for any discriminating man by getting grotesquely fat. This is the problem in the US. The majority of the female population stuffs themselves with cupcakes and doughnuts, then spend all the time they could be outside running instead posting pictures of their corpulent masses on “body positivity” blogs so other lonely, unloved land whales can tell them they’re beautiful.

fat American woman

…I’m so proud

In Colombia, you can walk down a busy city street for hours before seeing a single fat chick. It’s beautiful. But more important than the general aesthetics (ironic aside: the city I was staying in had a park filled with statues of fat people), are the implications for the sexual market.

The fact that in the US two thirds of women are fat means that EVERY GUY is chasing the remaining one third of women that are thin. The dating prospects of the thin women are tripled! If you ever wondered why thin girls tend to be so quick to tell their fat friends “you’re not fat!”, “you’re beautiful just the way you are!”, etc….now you know. Women with artificially tripled dating prospects can afford to be insufferable, entitled princesses.

Colombian women are sweet and friendly and feminine because they have to compete. It’s basic economics. The cable company has shitty customer service because it has a monopoly on the local market and doesn’t have to compete; the mom and pop restaurant has excellent service because dissatisfied customers can go to a competing restaurant instead. Same with women. And men, for that matter. More competition = better service. Obesity rates are (indirectly) a huge determinant of the quality of even non-obese women.

This is NOT TO SAY that the rules of game don’t apply in non-fat countries. As some in the community are fond of saying: there is no pussy paradise. The rules of game absolutely still apply. But in a non-obese country, the scale slides in our favor. If the average girl in the US is a 5, the average girl in Colombia is a 7. If your game is good enough to pull 5s in the US, the same level of game will get you 7s in Colombia. In other words, you get girls 2 points hotter for doing nothing more than changing your location.

So when you’re planning your next vacation (or move), it might be worth a few extra minutes of your time to look up some data on the obesity rates in the places you’re planning on visiting. The fewer fatties, the more (and more accessible) hotties. I haven’t been myself, but I’ve heard that Eastern Europe and East Asia are particularly good spots as well.

But if you’re a proud, red-blooded American (or Brit/German/citizen of other fat country) who isn’t comfortable outsourcing his dating prospects to exotic foreign vixens, then do your patriotic duty to your country and shame a fatty today.

One thought on “Location Matters

  1. You wrong. You are EXTREMALY high value cause you are gringo in Colombia.

    That’s why everyone is so breezy and friendly.

    In USA you are just another boring guy.

    In Colombia you are GOD.

    ps: besides that, you have good game, so everything is good.

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