Supercharge Your Instagram Game with Instagram Stories

Note: this post is meant to be an adjunct to the Instagram Seduction program, since Instagram stories are a new feature that did not exist when the program was created.

If you’ve used Snapchat before, you probably already understand the concept of Instagram stories. In fact, I’m 90% sure that Instagram blatantly stole the idea from Snapchat, as it works almost exactly the same way. Basically Instagram stories let you upload several photos and/or short videos in a series, which will play like a slideshow when one someone opens the story.

This is a pretty cool feature if you know how to use it well, and it can improve your womanizing potential on Instagram considerably. A couple days ago on a whim I posted a bad quality 15-second phone video of myself playing guitar and singing (admittedly not much of a “story”), and got direct messages with hearts and kissy faces from nine girls in response. Not a bad ROI.

Why Use Instagram Stories?

Stories have a couple of advantages over the normal photo/video posting that Instagram has always had. One advantage is that stories allow a sort of continuity (thus the name “stories”), that the typical single-post photo or video doesn’t. This is great for conveying your personality and showing off the sort of self-amused, ZFG alpha attitude that women go crazy for.

My first Instagram story consisted of a short video of me happily driving and singing a silly song, going to a store, and making a funny observation in the store. Nothing super exciting, but girls loved it, mostly for the fun, carefree attitude. I could only have conveyed a fraction of the value in that story had I been relegated to a single picture or video.

singing in the car instagram stories


Another advantage of stories is that Instagram gives them preferential treatment over regular posts. Notice that the stories are at the top of the home page. Often they’re the first thing your followers will see. Also, since they require a bit more effort than a regular post, fewer people post stories. That means your story has much less other content to compete against than does a regular post.

And yet another benefit to stories is that they provide an excellent testing ground for new content when you want to gauge audience reception. Stories are both temporary and will only show to your followers. That means you have a lot more freedom to experiment, since the downside of trying content that turns out to be bad is limited. It will only be up for a little while, and it won’t ruin your chances with prospective new followers. Your existing followers already liked you enough to follow, so it probably won’t faze them very much.

Here’s a hypothetical scenario to illustrate. Say you love to hunt, but you aren’t sure if you want to share pictures of you hunting on Instagram. You hope that your audience will see you as a strong, self-reliant masculine man. But you’re also a little worried that they might see you as an evil monster for killing poor, innocent animals. Instead of doing a regular post, you could put it in a story. Perhaps a video of you and your friends laughing and having a good time in the truck on the way to the hunting ground, a picture of you dressed in camo holding a rifle, and then a picture of you grilling some fresh venison. Put it up as a story and gauge the response. If you get a decent number of views but almost no interaction (or even some negative interaction), that’s probably a good indication that your audience doesn’t like the subject matter. If, on the other hand, you get a bunch of positive engagement, that should tell you that your hunting prowess is a positive addition to your online archetype.

How to Use Instagram Stories for Gettin’ Bitches

To see the stories feature, go to your home screen on Instagram, and look at the series of circles with pictures in them across the top of the screen. The first one should say “Your Story”, and the rest (if any) are “stories” put up by people you follow. Watch a few of your friends’ stories if they have some to get an idea of how it works. Chances are most of them don’t use the feature very well, but it gives you a good idea of the basic functionality.

For your purposes, you are generally going to want to use stories to convey…a story. So think of something you’re going to do in the future that makes a mildly amusing or interesting story. And these need not actually be true stories. They just have to be entertaining and convey a bit of your personality. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn what is normally a very mundane activity into an amusing photo story.

Here’s an example. Say you’re about to go to the gym. You could just post a bunch of pictures of you pumping iron; that would show off your body but it wouldn’t really show any personality (and personality is far more compelling to women). A much better story would be to take a picture of you with a jug of protein or some workout supplement looking crazy and pumped up, like you’re ready to go to war. Take a second picture of you in the gym lifting weights. And then when you get home, take a funny picture of yourself (you might need some assistance) lying face down on a couch or bed with your mouth open, looking totally exhausted.

Put the three photos together into a story in chronological order. Another nice feature of stories that you might utilize is the ability to put text over top of the photos, effectively letting you caption them. In the above example, you could caption the first photo “Beast mode!!!!!!” and then the last photo you could caption “…sloth mode”. This example would be funny with or without the captions, but sometimes you need the captions to explain a bit of context.

I will certainly be experimenting with the Instagram stories feature some more, and I will be sure to share any good insights I get from it. Meanwhile, please feel free to share your own ideas in the comments.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this article, which will focus on the new Live feature within the Instagram stories.

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