The Power of Instagram Game

My main focus over the last couple of years in the online sphere has been learning how to pick up girls on Instagram. I gained a particularly enthusiastic fan this morning, and I thought I’d show you one page of my notifications.


I blocked out her picture in the post for the sake of preserving her anonymity, but this girl is a solid 8 out of 10. Beautiful, thin, light-skinned, dark haired girl. Looks about 20 years old. Exactly my type. She lives in Brazil (obviously her English isn’t great), so I can’t have her immediately, but it is pretty clear what would happen if I were to travel to her town or vice versa.

I’m not a bad looking guy, but I’m certainly no Brad Pitt either. What I do have is an Instagram profile, pictures, videos, and captions that exude high value. And I’ve built up a large amount of social proof. Studies, as well as my own experience, have shown that women’s perception of a man’s physical attractiveness are affected to a large extent by his other (more important) attractive qualities, such as how he carries himself and how other people respond to him. That is, a man with social proof and a high-value portrayal of himself will be considered far more handsome to women than a man who looks exactly the same but lacks those qualities. Seems counterintuitive, but it’s true. I guarantee you I am most certainly NOT the most handsome man this girl’s eyes have ever seen. But the social proof I’ve built and the value I portray color her perception of me so as to make me much more “handsome” than my looks alone would warrant.

Of course by now I’m sure you’re wondering how I built up this high value image. My full method is available in my comprehensive program, Instagram Seduction, but for now I’ll give you a few tips. If you haven’t already, check out part one and part two of my three-part series for online game in general to learn how to portray value and fit a sexy archetype. Got it? Great! Now I’m going to give you a powerful tip to build your social proof.

What do you do when you see a girl you don’t recognize like or comment on one of your photos? You probably go look at that girl’s profile, and maybe like some of her photos. Girls do the same thing. If you like one of their photos, they’ll go look at your profile and (usually) reciprocate. If they really like you (which a lot of them will if you followed my program), then they’ll like a lot of your pictures, follow you, leave gushing comments, etc. The Brazilian girl in the above example either found me because I liked one of her photos, or possibly from my hashtag strategy.

I won’t go over my hashtag strategy here (though I explain it in full in Instagram Seduction), but I will tell you how to find the girls who are likely be interested in you so you can like their photos and make them aware of your existence. Remember that sexy archetype you set up? Figure out what the female equivalent to that archetype is. If you’re a rock star, you want groupies. If you’re an athlete, you want female athletes. If you’re a spiritual hippie, you want hippie-ettes. Figure out what hashtags they use to tag their content. Rocker girls might use “#rockgirl”, “#rockergirl”, etc. Hippie girls might use “#hippiegirl”, “#spiritual”, “#yogagirl”, etc. Try searching these hashtags until you find one that is used by a lot of girls (and not a lot of guys). Obviously having the word “girl” in the hashtag will filter out guys, but many other hashtags will be used mostly by girls as well, even if they don’t directly specify.

Once you find a good hashtag, go down the list of content under that hashtag (I usually skip the “Top Posts”, because the girls there get so much attention they’re less likely to notice you) and like every picture that’s of a girl. You can spend a lot of time doing this, so don’t waste your life away. But even a few minutes of this will produce noticeable results. If this works for you, I’ll show you how to make it even quicker, easier, and more effective in Instagram Seduction. Getting to the point where women are falling all over themselves over you (as in the above example) does take a bit of time and effort, but I guarantee you it is worth every second.

12 thoughts on “The Power of Instagram Game

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  2. I followed your Instagram program and I’m getting a bunch of Brazilian girls too. Maybe they just like American guys? I’m tempted to make a trip down there.

    • Yeah I’ve been to Brazil, they love you if you’re American or European. Def a good time! Especially if you have a bunch of them already creaming their panties over your IG before you go 🙂

      • Fucking awesome! Got my first ever instagram lay a couple days ago and a bunch of potentials to set up dates with. It’s been like 3 weeks and taken kind of a lot of work to get set up but I think I’ve reached the critical mass of social proof where local girls see me as high value. And of course I’ll be a rockstar if I ever go to Brazil lol

    • Seems like country girls love military guys. Maybe try to find them. If you get the Instagram program there’s a section for military archetype.

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